If you educate a man,
you educate an individual.
But if you educate a woman,
you educate a nation.

~African Proverb

Empowerment through education

Mission: The Baobab Senegal Education Initiative Inc. 501(c)(3) supports girls and women from rural Senegal in realizing their educational aspirations at all levels.
Impact of Educating Girls: Maritza Ascencios, from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Media Center, told MediaGlobal, “Educating girls is a surefire way to raise economic productivity, lower infant and maternal mortality, improve nutritional status and health, reduce poverty, and wipe out HIV/AIDS and other diseases.”
Source: http://www.ungei.org/infobycountry/247_2165.html


An educated girl is more likely to become involved in the workforce and in turn, bring economic stability to her family and community. Studies have shown that women invest around 90% of their income into their families and communities thus reducing poverty and improving health, safety, and education for everyone.

Sexual Health

An educated girl knows the risks of unprotected, casual sex and will therefore help to combat the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. She will be better equipped to handle pregnancy and the health complications associated with bearing a child. This, in turn, will significantly improve maternal and infant health, allowing for healthier future generations.

Human Rights

An educated girl will have knowledge of her individual rights and freedom of choice, and will exercise them.


An educated girl will be more apt to voice her opinions, be involved in political and economic affairs, and empower other women to participate. Women’s involvement in politics and the economy will bring more democratic processes to areas which desperately need political change.

The Future

An educated girl has the opportunity to dream big and to eventually realize the dreams she once thought would be impossible to achieve. Education catapults girls into a brighter future, creating an empowered woman capable of changing her own life, her community, and the world.

How The Baobab Senegal Education Initiative Helps

  • Purchase materials for schools that make a commitment to supporting girls’ education
  • Sponsor individual girls whose families lack the means to keep them in school
  • Establish tutoring programs to support girls’ success at school
  • Partner with other NGOs and organizations in supporting primary and secondary education for girls
  • Support women’s literacy programs established by the international NGO, buildOn
  • Work with communities in identifying the cultural norms that hinder girls’ education and work together to address them
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